Monday, 13 February 2012

Event planners can now use video SMS to simplify their job

Event planning is a very offbeat career option, which a lot of fresh graduates are opting for these days. Though it is strenuous and arduous, a lot of people find it challenging and interesting to get into even management than going for a 9 to 5 job.

Hectic and onerous, event management planners have now been blessed with a number of technological boons that make their task easier. Event planners or even managers are mostly spotted on phones, co-ordinating with workers or asking clients if they want something in a particular way.

While tablets and smart phones have made things easy to check mails and search the web from anywhere at any time there is one more service that has really proved to be a boon for event planners. Video SMS is a wonderful way to make the job of the event planners faster, easier and hassle free.

A video SMS is like a normal SMS, but the content is audio-visual instead of text. There are a number of sites which offer the service for free and there are also no limitations on the size of the video clips. Just registering on any of those sites will allow the users to send videoSMS to anyone from anywhere.

How can video SMS help event planners?

With events and exhibitions being held so frequently these days, the level of communication has also gone up between event planners and the clients. Here are a few ways to show how communication can be made more effective by audio-visual communication.

Showcase venues: The first step of event management is zeroing-in on the venue. Once the venue is finalised the rest of the things can be taken care of. Video SMS can be helpful in showcasing the venue to the clients. It saves time and money of both the event managers and the clients. The event managers can shoot few of the venues and send it to the clients by a video SMS. Once the client shortlists few of them, they can then be taken physically to the venue for the final nod.

Communicating with clients face-to-face: Video SMS has made it easy for the event planners to communicate with the clients has become easy with video SMS service making its way in the new modes of communication. Audio-visual communication is always more effective than mere voice calls. Video message sending services allow the senders to send the messages according to their time of convenience and the receivers to view them according to their convenient time. 

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